In this level everybody is a beginner, ready to learn how to catch waves and surf!

Beginner Level 1.

In this level we teach all the necessary safety measures, sea cycle, tides, currents and rips, surfing etiquette, and all the practical requisites for your near future free surf!

Our goal is to provide a hassle free and a Safe Surfing experience.

Surf Lessons program include:

  • Water Safety Rules
  • White Wash Ducking under Waves without Surf Board
  • Rip Tides and Under tows
  • How to prepare a surf board
  • Leash Safety and length for the right Surfboard
  • Waxing Surf Board
  • Paddling Techniques
  • Land and Ocean Pop Ups
  • How to fall safely from your Surf Board
  • How to safely ditch your surfboard before a wipeout
  • Paddling and Catching Wave
  • How to relax and take a wipe out in beginner surf

It is suggested this course is a minimum of 5 day so you are able to learn the true basics of becoming a surfer. We will ensure you have your lessons at beginner beaches, surf equipment is in perfect working order and you will be safe at all times during your lessons.

We will not take any beginners out in high surf conditions, these high surf days will be non-surf days until it is safe to get back in the water for a Level 1 guest.

Beginner Level 2.

Beginner Level 2 Surfing Program is designed for those who have tried surfing before but want to improve on their surfing skills.

Choosing level 2 you should already have had 1 or 2 surf lessons from a surf school or previous instructor, so you know the basics.

Our instructors help get you acquainted again with the ocean, surf break knowledge and back on your feet in no time. Some of the key skill sets we will be teaching you includes:

  • Personal assessment of skill level
  • Surf Break knowledge between Beach and Point Breaks
  • Short and Long Board Surfing
  • Duck Dive Techniques Long or Short Board
  • Angling (Riding) the wave right or left
  • What type of board is best for your future surf trips
  • Increased time in the water to improve skills up to 2 surf sessions per day
  • Trying and performing bottom turns
  • Turning on waves that allow you to turn
  • Free Surfing on your own

After a week of Level 2 Surf School our guest should be ready to surf on their own with a guide in the water to ensure water safety. The guest will paddle into waves on their own, choose the correct surf board for their sessions and be riding waves during free surf sessions without surf guide in the water.

Intermediate/ improver Surfer

This is the right choice if you have done a beginner's surf course already, or you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills.

Here the instructor will evaluate your skills and supervise your training according to your current level, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf.

You will rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks in a very fun and safe environment.

In the water coaching includes:

  • Timing of paddle out between sets
  • Choosing a channel to paddle out
  • Picking a position in the line up where you feel safe
  • Timing set waves
  • Paddle techniques
  • Catching a set wave
  • Coaching you to angle on the wave
  • Coaching you to cut back on a wave
  • Coaching you to kick out of a wave
  • Paddling back out to the line up from deeper water

After a level 3 week you should be able to go purchase a surf board, surf on your own at a home beach or future vacation. It is always important to exercise, stretch and prepare effectively for your surf vacation or surf tour.

Intermediate/ Advanced Surf Trips & Clinic

This level is for those who want to continue to progress, surf some point breaks, learn new maneuvers and keep improving their style and skills with the help of a certified surf guide/ instructor.

An experienced take you to the best surf spots in the area, give you full info on each location and help you improve your surf in all ways necessary.

It’s great to have a surf trip with all the local knowledge and safe atmosphere without having to carry equipment or needing to search for suitable waves, our experienced guides will take you to the best wave of the day according to the weather and your surf level.

Beginners/ Improvers


5 nights
Triple +
7 nights
Triple +
10 nights
Triple +
extra nigth
Triple +


  • Bilingual Surf Guides and Instructors
  • Surf Lessons 2 x per Day
  • Surf Board Rental Included/ Every day of stay
  • Surf Transfers for Beginners
  • Beginner to Advance Waves out Front
  • Home to Punta Mango, Sandy Bottom beachbreak outfront
  • World Class Long and Short Board Waves
  • 4+ Waves Accessible by Transfers
  • Round Trip Airport Transfers Included/ 1 transfer per group


  • Oceanfront Property, Steps to the Sand
  • Private and Shared Rooms with Friends
  • All Accommodations Include AC and private bath
  • Early Riser Coffee, Cereal and Fruit
  • Three Amazing Cooked Meals per Day from Menu
  • Coffee, Juices and Filtered Water Included
  • Swimming Pool
  • Poolside, Oceanfront
  • Complimentary WI-FI